S. Porretta and Sons Ltd

A family business founded on traditional values.

Over 100 years ago Salvatore and Asunda Porretta founded their business making delicious ice cream in the summer and delivering coal in the winter. They had a tremendous work ethic which has continued uninterrupted down the family line through Frank and Les and on to Steve and Pru, as well as Maria, Therese and Sam.

Transport started with a horse and cart and grew to a few lorries in the 80s before it really gathered momentum under Steve’s visionary leadership in the 90s. Today the company operates as a retailer for fuel, coals and firewood as well as running a fleet transport service. The company is proud of its roots and keeps building on its solid foundations with successive generations of customer focused people. The philosophy is simple; to anticipate customer needs and take steps to support them so that customers feel partnered with a supplier who truly cares and goes the extra mile or ten.

Steve Porretta – Managing Director

Steve is a highly respected member of the RHA. He has over 50 years experience in the industry. He retained the original business started by his grandfather over 100 years ago and has taken it from strength to strength to offer a highly skilled and flexible team. He prides himself on jobs well done and supporting the changing needs of customers and colleagues alike with well thought out solutions.

Steve Porretta

Pru Porretta MBE – Front Office and Admin Manager

Pru is a long serving director of the company. Overseeing administrative functions. She loves to meet customers and brings her customary warmth wherever she goes. She is a well known figure in Coventry in her own right as Coventry’s modern day Lady Godiva, raising thousands of pounds for charity over the last 40 years fully supported by the company.

Pru Porretta

Sam Porretta – Transport and Workshop Manager

The great grandson of the company’s founder, Sam drives forward the company’s commitment to higher standards. He has worked with HGVs for over 25 years and loves achieving the highest quality and efficiency for each job with a fleet of very well cared for vehicles.

Sam Porretta

Therese Porretta – Account and Marketing Manager

Therese is the great granddaughter of the company’s founder and her background is over 30 years of excellence in customer care. Her passion is in understanding the needs of each customer right down to the details of specific jobs to make sure the care is tangibly delivered.

Therese Porretta

Maria Porretta – Quality Manager

Maria shares the family work ethic and dedication to a job well done, having spent 20 years setting up and delivering projects all around the world. She is leading the company’s quality programme and looks forward to building on success.

Maria Porretta