Wood burning hot tub


Stylish, elegant design combined with innovative technology.

Built with care and precision. High-quality materials ensure long-term durability

Your hot tub will be delivered fully assembled and equipped with everything you need including:

  • Air jets
  • LED lights
  • Steps
  • Insulated cover

Regular Price: £5,500

Deposit Required Today : £500

Note: Delivery charges will be subject to location and accessibility. Please enquire by contacting us.

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  • 2 metres in diameter external, 1.8 metres internal.
  • 1.13 metres high.
  • The sides are 44mm thermal spruce with a thermoplastic liner.
  • The base is 28mm thermal spruce.
  • The chimney has a perforated heat protection shield.
  • The integrated oven has an output of 30kw, using kiln dried hardwood logs.