Smokeless Coal Supplies Nottingham

Cleaner & Greener.

High performance coals with less smoke

At S.Porretta & Sons Ltd, we stock and supply customers throughout Nottingham, the Midlands and beyond with smokeless coal products from the leading suppliers of smokeless fuel. Enjoy high performnce and less smoke with the UK’s greenest smokeless fuel.

We strive to offer the best smokeless coal products combining the need for greener, environmentally friendly products with cost-effectiveness.

Smokeless Coal

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Coals

Compared with traditional coals, the smokeless coals that we offer have many benefits. The lack of a detrimental impact on the environment is a major feature. With our “Homefire ecoal”, the coals produces 40% less carbon dioxide and 80% less smoke than traditional house coals.

Smokeless coal also burns for much longer compared to traditional coal. It also emits up to 30% higher temperatures than other coals, meaning that it will burn for longer and at a higher temperature, giving you the warmth and comfort you desire.

My 3rd winter getting fuel for our log burner here. Great quality coal and logs, good advice and friendly service with excellent prices.
Roy Kelly

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Smokeless Coal and Fuel for delivery in Nottingham

We are an established, local, smokeless coal merchant based in the East Midlands. We have an abundant stock of smokeless coal products and wood burning logs.

We stock the best brands of smokeless coal offering the very best coals for clean burning, smokeless fuel specially designed for use on open fires, multi fuel stoves, cookers and boilers.

Great prices. Order online today for prompt delivery to your door.

Homefire Ecoal Smokeless Coal Supplies Nottingham

Featured Product

Homefire Ecoal produces less smoke, less C02, and more heat and lasts longer than coal or wood. It is made using crushed olive stones, a natural waste product from olive oil production. This smokeless eco fuel is easy to light and long-lasting and burns with an attractive flame.

Smokeless coal for domestic households & commercial operations in Nottingham

Established in 1912, S.Porretta & Sons Ltd are a reputable smokeless coal merchant and wood burning fuel supplier. We offer a range of fuel products for both domestic & commercial use:

  • Open Fires
  • Multi Fuel Stoves
  • Boilers
  • Room Heaters
  • Log Burners
  • Fire Pits
  • Pizza Ovens