Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Stylish, elegant design combined with innovative technology.

Elegance and Sustainability

Enjoy the delight and luxury of your own outdoor wood burning hot tub. With only a few of our kiln dried logs, you can enjoy the warmth of your hot tub within an hour.

Building a hot tub

Built with care and precision

High-quality materials ensure long-term durability, giving you complete peace of mind.

Your hot tub will be delivered fully assembled and equipped with everything you need including:

  • Air jets
  • LED lights
  • Steps
  • Insulated cover

Greater heating efficiency. The unique integrated stove is designed to optimise combustion and heat distribution. Natural circulation ensures an even temperature in the hot tub without any need for pumps or other electrical components.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Coventry

Ready-to-use upon delivery, your hot tub will be delivered fully assembled.

With a 2 metre diameter, our hot tubs offer complete freedom of movement and plenty of room for comfort. The tub comes with the optional insulated cover, which retains heat in the tub for hours!

Building a hot tub

Complete Specification

  • 2 metres in diameter external, 1.8 metres internal.
  • 1.13 metres high.
  • The sides are 44mm thermal spruce with a thermoplastic liner.
  • The base is 28mm thermal spruce.
  • The chimney has a perforated heat protection shield.
  • The integrated oven has an output of 30kw, using kiln dried hardwood logs.
  • Regular Price : £5,500
  • Order yours with a £500 deposit today!

Comprehensive Options for Delivery

Our fleet of crane lorries will comfortably
lift and deposit your new hot tub into your garden or position of choice.
Delivery charges will be subject to location and accessibility.

Owning a hot tub has never been as easy.
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